Hand Painted Murals

    A mural is a great way to add colour and interest to dull bedroom walls and playrooms. You will love your custom, hand-painted mural, and I look forward to bringing it to life for you! Whether for your business, or any room in your home, including playrooms and nurseries...every day you will be uplifted by your gorgeous and unique mural.
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Mural pricing

The price shown is for one day's work, usually a single mural as the examples shown here. Other, more complex and time consuming work (for example murals on several walls) can also be undertaken by additional and separate negotiation with the artist.

  • Price is $ 50/hours
  • Artists travel only within 100-120 miles of Toronto.
  • $20 travel fee apply for all orders.
  • Material costs usually range from $50. (Depending on the size of job).

    For examples of pricing, the Fairy Room was a four-day job that consisted of five fairy characters and large rabbit. The characters all pre-exist. The layout and the background had a minimal design time.The price including cost of materials was $1000.

Living Room ( 25 hours)

Basement (18 hours)

Children room ( 6 hours)

Basement (12 hours)

Living Room ( 35 hours)

Living Room ( 25 hours)

Mural for the girl (20 hours)

Mural for the boy (30 hours)

Mural for the girl (25 hours)

Day care ( 30 hours)

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